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Facility-Wide Transformation to Lean:

A facility-wide transformation to lean was successfully implemented with a cross-functional team including the union leadership and other key stakeholders.  Key elements of the success included linking process and unit assembly lines, implementing a visual Kanban to minimize waste of inventory and movement, implementation of visual shop-floor scheduling, linkage of molding machines to improve process changes and standardization of equipment, conveyors and tooling to allow flexible processing,  Technical enhancements also were implemented with the addition of critical skills and process optimization systems to maximize throughput and improve quality. 

Contact us to conduct facility-wide, business-wide, or process level transformations to lean.  We work to facilitate the desired changes with your cross-functional team of stakeholders with a standardized process to implement the ideal state. We have numerous successes with various clients in this area and seek to engage and energize your business toward improved profitability and opportunities for growth.

Process Transformations to Lean:

System of Statistical Control over Materials and Processes:

Implementation of statistical process control over materials and processes in metal forming, metal working, and material processing operations.  Established clear standards for raw material used in production with an SPC system of preventative control.  Achieved 42% reduction in defective product, 35% reduction in repairs, and 64% improvement in product quality.  Let us work with your team to put the systems in place at your business so that you too may improve your quality, throughput, and profitability.

Material Cost Reduction (MCR):

Establish a critical competitive advantage for your business working with us to create a strong cross-functional Material Cost Reduction (MCR) system to optimize efficiency, improve quality, and lower total costs.  Our successes in this area have achieved annual cost reductions of more than 10% corporate-wide.  

We look forward to working with you and your team to put MCR processes in place.

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