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Developing and Implementing Innovative Solutions



Services include:

- Board Advisory

- Due Diligence

- Business assessment and valuation

- Operational efficiency improvements 

- Procurement savings

- Supply Chain optimization 

- Resolution of supply issues

- Transformations to Lean

- Innovative solutions: 

   leadership, recognition, retention

- Technical Problem Solving

- Material Cost Reduction (MCR):

   Innovative cross-functional process

- Systems of Statistical Control:

   Materials and Processes

- Sales / New Business Development

- Turnaround of distressed operations

- Profitable growth

- Expert consultation:

   New Technologies, Metals,

   Procurement, Industry Trends       



Listing of Projects:

- Business transformation / turnaround

- Procurement savings

- Throughput improvement

- Supply assurance

- Lean transformations

- Material Cost Reduction (MCR)
- Technical Problem Solving:

   Heat treatment, metal casting, metal 

   fabrication, cold and hot forming,

   ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical


- Hiring, training, retention, recognition

- Procurement and Technical strategies:

   Metals, Polymers, Components

- Metals Production and Processing

- Metal Fabrication

- Aluminum Metal Casting

- Aluminum Giga Casting, Giga Presses

- Operational and procurement savings

   for acquisitions.

- Expert consultation:

   Materials, Manufacturing,

   New Technologies, Electrification



- Private equity 

- Investment banking

- Institutional investors

- Private investors

- Consulting firms

- Manufacturing businesses:

   Metal Working, Metal Stamping,

   Casting, Machining, Plastics and

   Polymeric Components,

   Injection Molding,

   Metals and Materials Processing,      

   Heat Treatment

   Welded and Bonded Assemblies, 

   Assembly Operations.


Optimal Efficiency Improvement, LLC is a consulting services company specializing in achieving operational efficiencies, procurement savings, transformations to lean, technical advancements, and market growth. Engagements include: manufacturing, supply chain, business development and procurement processes for automotive, metals, material processing, and industrial components.


Optimal Efficiency Improvement, LLC is led by Mark Autio.

Mark has held successful leadership roles in business unit management, operations, engineering, procurement, materials management, business development, continuous improvement, and transformations to lean manufacturing. He has accumulated vast expertise in engineering, metallurgical and manufacturing processes, materials optimization, procurement, supply chain management and optimization. 


“I strongly recommend Mark Autio to businesses and clients. Mark was an important resource for our company to exceed our business performance goals.  He worked well to create cross functional engagement to identify, lead, and implement initiatives that produced significant cost reductions, innovative technical and business processes, and improvements in profitability.  Mark worked well in all business units globally: North and South America, Asia, and Europe.  He is a transformational business leader with strong technical and leadership skills that he uses to achieve business excellence.”

Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Tower International

Jim Gouin


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